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IB Chinese: B HL


I did Chinese B HL in 2021. I graduated with 26/30 on paper one - a 7.


Paper one

I think the best practice for paper one is to write as many essays as possible across a diverse range of topics. There is a slim chance that the examination prompt may have been one previously written as a practice. Even if not, you will find that certain phrases and idioms can be applied to different prompts. Hence, it is good to practice writing as many essays as you can and ask your teacher to mark them to see where you can improve. Additionally, keeping a list of idioms for essays would help immensely, as the IB loves idioms in essays.

Paper two

Paper assesses the ability to read and interpret Chinese Texts. Personally, I didn't find the texts too difficult to read. There were at times vocabularies and phrases I couldn't understand. During times of such, I always relied on reading the paragraph as a whole to interpret the overall meaning to answer the questions.

Good practice can be reading Chinese storybooks or even attempting to read some newspapers in Chinese 


I found IO the hardest as I was not good at constructing my sentences and articulating them to the teacher on the spot. To prepare, I wrote down all the possible questions that could be asked and recited my answers to these questions. 

For my literature, I studied 棋王. I received a lot of help from my teacher and my classmates - all native Chinese speakers. I wrote many drafts of my analytical response to the literature and asked my teacher to mark them. 

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